Shot with Sony FS700, 240fps, Zunow11-16mm E-Mount lens


2 thoughts on “day2-frame-2”

  1. I also have the FS700 and was thinking about purchasing the Zunow 11-16mm T2.8 lens.
    When used with the (Super 35mm Sensor), does that mean it becomes a 16-24mm T2.8?
    Is there a 1.5x crop factor?

    Can’t find anything online that mentions the crop issue….

    1. Focal length does not change with sensor size. An 11-16mm lens is an 11-16mm lens on any camera. The use of crop factors is misleading and confusing because the lens never changes. What changes is the field of view. So ANY lens put on a S35 mm camera will show a field of view that is 34% narrower than it would be on a full frame camera, but the focal length is still exactly the same.

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