alisters arri look exposure compensated luts

alisters arri look exposure compensated luts

4 thoughts on “alisters arri look exposure compensated luts”

  1. Question for you Allistar:


    Shooting CineEI mode, recording slog3.cine with NO LUT baked in. Monitoring with LUT and shooting at 1000 ISO.

    When grading in resolve, what settings (use “offset” in the “log” wheels??) correspond to raising or lowering exposure by 1-stop to compensate monitoring ISO changes?

    1. It will depend on your exact exposure as when you move up and down the log curve the response in the shadows and mids alters so the amount of offset and shadow adjustment will be different for each exposure. That’s why I developed LUT’s with exposure offsets in 1 stop increments as it’s more than a simple offset.

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