Alisters Custom Mode Slog3+709 to 709(800) Luts

Alisters Custom Mode Slog3+709 to 709(800) Luts


4 thoughts on “Alisters Custom Mode Slog3+709 to 709(800) Luts”

  1. Hi Alister, Im new to the world of Luts having come from an EX-1 to my FS7, simply trying to get my head around the myriad of choices to grade my footage prior to editng. Thanks for your detailed information.

    1. Most people would edit the footage first and then grade only the shots that they have used. And there are a million different ways to use LUT’s or grade without LUT’s.

  2. I know this is a much asked question….. but…. my F5 does not want to let me switch lots on in ‘Custom’. What am I missing.

    Also, the Luts Ive just downloaded, presumably need to go on an SD card, then imported to the camera?


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