Alisters S-log2 to Canon Luts

Alisters S-log2 to Canon Luts

12 thoughts on “Alisters S-log2 to Canon Luts”

  1. Alister:
    Could not open the s-log2-to-canon-luts. I have a shoot on Tuesday with a C300 and thought my F5 might be
    easier to match with this plug-in. But, there is no content at your address.

  2. Hi, not having much luck with these, must be doing something wrong. I’ve put the files in PRIVATE SONY PRO CAMERA PMWF55_F5
    I go into FILE and then to MONITOR 3D LUT, I go to LOAD SD. I then choose slot 1 and I can see all the files, when I then try any file, it asks LOAD FILE, then says FILE ACCESS NG, regardless of which file I choose.
    Also, if Im in slog2, how can I use any user 3dluts – this option is only available in slog3??

  3. Hi
    I have downloaded these files and placed them on a formatted SD card & tried loading them into my FS7 but the camera doesn’t see them can you let me know where I’m going wrong?
    Many Thanks

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