ProRes Raw Webinar – How to use ProRes Raw with the FS5 and FS7

advertise-here-275 ProRes Raw Webinar - How to use ProRes Raw with the FS5 and FS7

Last week I presented a Webinar in conjunction with Visual Impact on how to shoot ProRes Raw with Sony’s FS5 and FS7. The Webinar was recorded, so if you missed it you can now watch it online. It’s almost 2 hours long and contains what I hope is a lot of useful information including what you need, exposure and how to get the footage in to FCP-X. I tried to structure the FCP-X part presentation in such a way that those that don’t normally use FCP-X (like me) will be able to get started quickly and understand what is going on under the hood.

Since the webinar it has been brought to my attention by Felipe Baez (thanks Felipe) that it is possible to add a LUT after the color panel and grading tools by adding the “custom LUT” effect to your clip. To do this you will set the raw input conversion to S-log3. Then add your color correction, then add the Custom LUT effect.

A big thank you to Visual Impact for making this possible, do check them out!

Here is the link to the video of the webinar:



One thought on “ProRes Raw Webinar – How to use ProRes Raw with the FS5 and FS7”

  1. Your webinar was super helpful! Thank you.

    Regarding adding a LUT further downstream in the FCPX pipeline, I’ve tried that and it’s nice to be able to adjust color before it hits the LUT, but… this means your timelines will now have to render. That slows things down dramatically (on my 2013 MacBook Pro, anyway).

    The amazing thing about ProRes raw in FCPX is that you can apply any LUT you want WITHOUT rendering. But only if it’s applied at decode. So choosing the correct LUT becomes very important.

    And that’s why I like your Venice look LUTs so much – they come in half-stop increments, so I can apply a different LUT to each shot depending on how it’s exposed, and apply that right at the beginning to get things looking fantastic from the start. It’s an incredibly efficient workflow.

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