Replacement Mic Holder for the PXW-FS5 (and others).

Here’s another of my “I need one of these” products. The standard Sony mic mount isn’t the greatest thing in the world. It’s a little limited as to the range of microphones it can hold and over time they become floppy and loose. What I wanted was a lightweight, sturdy, simple to use mic mount that would fit easily on to the camera without taking up either of the shoe mounts. So I designed one for myself. A  few years ago I did a mic mount for the PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 that turned out to be be pretty popular and this mount shares some of that DNA.  It’s made out of plastic and uses either rubber bands or O-Rings to give really good vibration and handling isolation.

It mounts where the stock mount attaches using the two screws used to secure the original mount. There are two different mounting positions so you can adjust how far from the carry handle the microphone sits.

If you want one for yourself you can order one from my Shapeways store in a variety of colours. I also have a similar  generic mic mount that fits many of the Sony camcorder lineup.

To buy one check out my Shapeways store:

AJC05213-1024x683 Replacement Mic Holder for the PXW-FS5 (and others).
Microphone mount for the PXW-FS5
AJC05214-1024x683 Replacement Mic Holder for the PXW-FS5 (and others).
Replacement microphone mount for the PXW-FS5. Note the two sets of mounting holes so you can choose how far the mic is from the camera body.
AJC05212-1024x683 Replacement Mic Holder for the PXW-FS5 (and others).
Another view of my replacement mic mount for the PXW-FS5

4 thoughts on “Replacement Mic Holder for the PXW-FS5 (and others).”

    1. This will fit the FS7 but I do a generic Sony mic mount that is a better fit for the FS7. The one I make replaces the mount on the end of the existing viewfinder rod. If the bracket on the end of your rod is damaged (the bracket – not the mic mount) then the on I make cant be used as it fits on to the existing bracket. You’ll find the FS7 version in my shapeways store as above

  1. Would have bought if they came with guaranteed to fit O rings 🙁 Half a job. Thank you very much for the other great work here though.

    1. To do that I would have to get them shipped to me first, add the O rings and then ship them on to the customer. That would add another $20 to the price for the second lot of shipping, the time taken to unpack, fit the bands, re-pack and arrange the onward shipping. In addition it would delay delivery by anywhere up to 3 weeks depending on where in the world I would need to ship them too and for many countries lead to extra import duties.

      They will take a wide range of O rings or elastic bands that are very easily sourced almost anywhere for just a couple of dollars. I don’t think most people would find a $20 price increase acceptable for $2 worth of O rings or a bag of rubber bands from a dollar store.

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