Yes, You Can Use The FX9 Viewfinder With The FX6

FX6FX9VF1 Yes, You Can Use The FX9 Viewfinder With The FX6
The viewfinder assembly from the FX9 fitted to the FX6


Good news, you can use the FX9’s viewfinder assembly on the FX6. Not just the loupe/magnifier, but the entire viewfinder including the LCD. It all fits straight on to the FX6 and is full functional. Overlays, menus and the touch screen are all good. The only small thing is the display is initially upside down, but that is easily resolved using the “rotate” switch that is at the bottom of the FX9’s LCD screen.

So – if you have an FX9 and an FX6 you can swap viewfinders between both cameras. We already know that if you simply add the loupe/magnifier from the FX9 to the FX6’s LCD that it fits, but tends to be a bit “droopy” because of the weak hinges on the FX6 LCD.  You can  buy the FX9 LCD as a spare part along with the loupe if you want, but it won’t be cheap!

FX9-LCD-on-FX6-600x401 Yes, You Can Use The FX9 Viewfinder With The FX6

7 thoughts on “Yes, You Can Use The FX9 Viewfinder With The FX6”

    1. No, the electronics are very different. The FX6 and FX9 viewfinders operate at higher resolution than the earlier FS5 and FS7 cameras/viewfinders

  1. Is the cost of an FX9 EVF as a spare part much more expensive than buying a 3rd party EVF? Can’t find any prices online.

    1. I have not seen a price yet, but it will almost certainly be more expensive than many of the 3rd party options. But unlike the 3rd party options it doesn’t tie up an SDI or HDMI, doesn’t need separate power, the overlays won’t prevent you from recording externally, gamma assist will work as well as the touch screen.

      1. I got a price here in Australia for $836 for the lot. Thinking it will be worth it rather then going the other route… I tried filming the other day in sun and it was impossible to see the screen. I was just guessing it all looked ok. I know people add bright monitors , but that’s just another thing that needs power and you can’t beat the ergonomics when using the loupe and having the camera on/or pushed into your shoulder. So i think i will go for it Alister … what’s the mount you’re using in the pic ? is it a better solution ?

  2. Hi Alister

    I’ve been trying to source some off-the-shelf LCD screen protector films sized to fit the Sony FS7/FS7M2/FX9 LCD/EVF displays, as our operators tend to use & abuse them, often leading to scratches & dings, which obviously sometimes requires an expensive screen replacement.

    Unfortunately, all the ones I’ve tried (including one which was specifically sold for the FS7) all seem fine to the naked eye on the LCD, but produce a strong blotchy rainbow effect looking through the loupe eyepiece (one of the optical elements is producing a polarising effect). It’s bad enough to be unusably distracting.

    I can minimise the rainbowing, so that it’s usable, by rotating the screen protector, so could theoretically buy a larger screen protector film for say an iPad/tablet and cut it to size on a diagonal angle, but obviously a rather trial & error, time consuming, inconvenient solution.

    Thanks very much for any suggestions!
    Best wishes

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