Camera Setup

PMW 350 Aperture Correction

Gamma and Knee.


Black Gamma.

PMW-350 Scene Files (also applies to other cameras)

Gamma and Knee

PMW-350 Scene Files

XDCAM EX cinegammas



Log Style Picture Profiles for PMW-F3 and EX1R

PMW-EX1, EX1R and EX3 picture profiles




9 Responses to Camera Setup

  1. Tony Gordon says:

    I was wondering if you had an electronic copy of the F800 Menus
    I have made some significant changes to the menubut need to print the menus so I can keep a written copy with the camera…for refrence…

  2. Lee Mullenberg says:

    Hi there,

    DO you have any picture profile files I can load into the EX1? thanks

  3. fellowjc says:

    I work multi camera productions and see camera control through the sony remote panels like the rcp-920. With the rcp-920 I have access to gamma r, master, b adjustments, not hyper gamma presets. Any idea how these adjustments relate to the standard and hyper gamma selections written about in the article?

    All the information I can find so far talks as gamma with one curve with standard or hyper gamma presets, so I am confused with gamma r, master, b adjustments which suggests three curves.

    • alisterchapman says:

      Think of Master gamma as the overall camera gamma. The RCP allows you to alter the gain of this master gamma curve, it is a standard gamma curve. The R and B curves are a subset of the Master gamma. Adjusting Master Gamma adjusts the R, G and B curves together. Then you can adjust the separate R and B curves in case you need to have a colour or hue offset to your gamma. There is no G curve adjustment as this remains fixed by the Master gamma setting.

  4. Darryl says:

    I shoot a lot on snow (skiing, ect.) Do you have a Picture Profile set up that you would recommend to work best in those conditions?

    • alisterchapman says:

      A lot will depend on whether you grade or not. I’d probably use Cinegamma 3 to avoid any nasty clipping issues and then add a bit of negative black gamma, maybe around -20 to put some contrast into the scene.

  5. gonzalo says:

    grabo en standar con esta camara y las imagenes en la pantalla se ven bien, pero al subirlas al avid se ven quemadas la iamgenes. que hago?

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