1080p output to nanoFlash

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1080p output to nanoFlash

Post by harryllama@yahoo.com » July 28th, 2011, 9:06 pm

Alister, we just got our FS-100, and it looks quite good! However, we weren't able to send 1080p or 720p to the nanoFlash through the HDMI port. The EX1 and 3 have a setting to turn on the 24P system, but the FS100 doesn't seem to have this setting.

We came across the solution on Convergent Design's DVinfo page, from Andy Mangrum:
http://www.dvinfo.net/forum/convergent- ... 80p24.html

How to Setup FS100 + nanoFlash 1080p24

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take a moment and explain how to setup 1080p24 on the Sony NEXFS100 Since there tends to be a bit of confusion about it.
With the FS100 you can set the Video out differently then what the recorded rate is, for example the record rate can be 1080p24 but the output rate can be 720p60.
So this being said when 1080p is selected for the output the FS100 is outputting 1080p60 which is not supported by the nanoFlash due to hardware constraints,
So when wanting to record 1080p24 We suggest the following:
- First set your internal record rate on the FS100 (Under the Rec Out Menu)
- Select 1080p24 (FX or FH each will set a different internal bit rate which will be recorded)
- Now set the Video out to 1080i the nanoFlash will display 1080i59.94, at this point on the nanoFlash under the video menu you can select Remove 3:2 Pulldown, and the nanoFlash should reflect 1080pd23 on the status line. this means the nanoFlash will record 1080p23.98.

If you want to record 1080p30 or 1080p25 you would set you output on the FS100 to 1080i and on the nanoFlash you would turn on Record PSF,
note that HDMI Timecode is not supported at this time, but is scheduled to be in the next nanoFlash release.
Also Note that Convergent Design is the only recorder that does 3:2 removal with HDMI.
Hope this Helps

Best Regards
Andy Mangrum, Tech Support Convergent Design, Inc
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