Back Focus EX1r

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Back Focus EX1r

Post by ialem » August 2nd, 2014, 10:53 pm

Hi all, thanks for adding me...

I have issues on my EX1r on focus. Have loss infinity focus, i have done on maintenance menu FB Adjust. After some test, reset data, reset power... finally FB was done. All appear to be ok, but once i´m in set after changing the battery, focus was wrong. Some power on/off reset it, and can go to the job...

Now i do new FB adjust at home with a siemens star chart, all was again fine... but need four times for doing it correct.

Any ideas about it... how can i solve these... it´s something aleatory? Backup CR2025 battery is new.

Are data recorder on the card valid for restore FB adjust...

Some help on that issue are welcome.

Regards to all, and excuse my bad english wrote.
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Re: Back Focus EX1r

Post by alisterchapman » August 13th, 2014, 1:38 pm

Any FB settings are stored in the cameras internal memory, this does not use the lithium cell, so the settings should be remembered regardless.

One thing to check... is the front element of the lens secure? Sometimes the front element can become a little loose. See if you can move the front element with your finger. If it is loose very gently tighten the outer locking ring. Do not over tighten, it just needs to be secure enough to ensure there is no movement of the front element.

Bumping the camera during transportation can alter the FB adjustment.
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