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FS5 Sporadic Video Level Changes in Premiere

Posted: February 3rd, 2016, 8:25 pm
by leebergtally
I posted this on the Adobe and DV Info Forums, but have received little to no feedback so I thought I would mention it here.

I've shot XAVC-L 1080 using SLog 2 and 3 gammas. Editing the XAVC-L natively in Premiere Pro CC 2015 (V9.2 Zigzag), I see random changes in the picture levels in both the source and program monitors. I can see it on the scopes too. It happens during playback and scrubbing. I don't see this issue in VLC, Sony's Content Browser, nor when the MXF files are imported into DaVinci Resolve. Also the problem goes away when I transcode the original files to ProRes 422, and when recorded to ProRes on my Atomos Ninja Blade. The problem does not seem to occur in Ultra HD footage that I shot in Slog 2. It also does not occur in HD, Rec 709 standard gamma.
Here are two samples:
1. XAVC L edited natively
2. Transcoded to ProRes No problems.
The error occurs with or without grading. It happens in all SLOG HD footage. I also saw it on my son-inlaw's late model IMac with the same type of footage.
Interestingly enough, it does not occur when editing in PP CC 2014.

Could PP be having trouble interpreting the SLOG gamma and or X-AVC-L? Anybody else having this issue? Thanks!