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FS7 MK2 18-110 kit lens parfocal issues

Posted: January 3rd, 2019, 5:14 pm
by Andy Taplin
I've got the 18-110 f/4 kit lens for the FS7 MK2. I've noticed that even though it's supposed to be parfocal mine is not really and is behaving strangely. If I focus on a chart at 2 meters at f/4 at 110mm and then zoom out to 18mm the image goes slightly soft very obvious when zoomed in 6x on a monitor but still noticeable at 1x. To get the image sharp again I have to rotate the focus ring around to infinity! If I then zoom back in the image is totally out of focus as the lens is at infinity, not 2 meters. I've done the same test at 5 and 10 meters with the same results.

I know this lens is electronically and not mechanically parfocal but this does not seem right to me - it's less parfocal than some of my stills lenses. Anyone else having a similar issue?