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Bonkers White Balance on FS7

Posted: June 8th, 2019, 5:42 pm
by zilkerfilms
Let me preface by saying my FS7I camera has over 500 hours on it. Also this issue has happened to me 2, maybe 3 times, many months apart. I don't remember the exact conditions – EXT. or INT., ND on or off, etc., etc. The issue is I point the camera at a white object (filling the frame) and push the Auto White Balance button and the camera sets itself to something crazy like 14,000 kelvin. I can't make it see anything else no matter how many times I attempt to white balance (on the same white object). I just end up quickly switching to the closest preset which are typically set to around 4900-5600k and 3200-4400k. I don't recall turning the camera off and on in the moment, although it seems I may have the first time it happened. But who knows. I do seem to recall every time it happens I'm on location (ENG style) scrambling to get the shot and just troubleshooting it as fast as possible. Last time it happened was a week ago. It was an EXT location. Direct sun. And this time I went into the menu and just dialed/scrolled it back to something normal – 5500k. It took a bit of time to scroll that far. But it worked and hasn't occurred again since. I haven't documented the settings to be able to repeat this under controlled conditions. It appears to be an anomaly that I've just dealt with the few times it's happened. It is curious though. Obviously at some point later after the job is finished and I'm in my office, I can set the auto white balance and it works. And continues to work on location under numerous shooting and lighting conditions for many times afterwards. It seems to only occur under very specific lighting conditions and/or camera settings. And I'm assuming will happen again at some point in the future.

Any thoughts?