Fs7 viewfinder retrofitting

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Fs7 viewfinder retrofitting

Post by allenface » February 11th, 2019, 7:23 pm

Hi guys...just signed on to to this forum and I'm somewhat giddy about it. I used to cruise DvX User but for some reason I no longer get auto notifications. Not going to fret as I think this forum may be more to my liking.
On that note, I love my Fs7. I was an early adopter and I'm still quite happy with the machine. I did have to retrofit the handle with a Vocas Cheese plate mount which gave me the option of having a real and stable VF mounting system and it allowed my to get an F800 mic holder and mount it so now my mic and VF are mounted independently but more importantly, securely.
As I am a new member I cruised the archives looking for an answer to the following question but not seeing it.
The question...is the clip-on collapsible VF shade available as a stand alone purchase and will it retrofit onto my existing and original FS7 VF?
And as an aside, I can't brag enough about the MTF B4 Super 16 adapter. It quite literally changed my life and allowed me to dump my f800. I still do some newsreel and magazine work where I missed my old trusty Wide Angle zoom. Now this adapter has solved that dilemma. What a sweet accessory.
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Re: Fs7 viewfinder retrofitting

Post by alisterchapman » March 27th, 2019, 1:46 pm

It's available as a spare part from Sony, but not cheap.
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