SD ENG Lens on Sony F5

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SD ENG Lens on Sony F5

Post by thecamerachap » March 10th, 2014, 9:21 pm

Hi All

So i've had my F5 for a few weeks and love it to bits.

I'm after a bit of free advise. I am using the camera for high end broadcast and corporate work using hired in Primes. on a day to day use I film a lot of run and gun PR launches and lower end talking heads corporate as well as the odd wedding. For this work at the moment I use a Tamron 18-270 with an Optitek adaptor, however i'm not getting on will with it. So I am considering, a Canon J17 B4 with the MTF adaptor. I know that this is an SD lens but looking into it I know a few people who have used it with HD cameras such as the f900 and are very happy. I wonder if any else has experience using a SD ENG lens with the F5/F55 and would mind sharing their thoughts. Also I with the 2.5 magnification on the 7.6 I should get a good focal range?

PS: I would go for HD ENG lens but simply don't have the budget.

Many Thanks
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Re: SD ENG Lens on Sony F5

Post by alisterchapman » March 28th, 2014, 7:20 pm

You will get a similar field of view as you get on the 2/3" camera. But, the added magnification from the adapter will magnify any flaws or defects in the lens. Generally it is not recommended to use SD lenses with any of the FZ-B4 adapters. You will certainly find it softer than the Tamron. You really need a decent HD lens for good results.
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