FS7 or F5?

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FS7 or F5?

Post by marop » July 12th, 2016, 8:06 pm

I am looking for thoughts and opinions to help with my decision on which camera to buy. I am coming off an XDCAM EX1r and want to go to the next level of camera and get 4K. I will be doing short films, some documentaries and hope to transition to TV production. I was looking at the FS7 until Canon dropped ther C300 mkII. Although it still puts it 4K (no pun intended) above the cost of the FS7, it got me thinking about spending a bit more. I ran across the promo package for the F5, which if you deduct the cost of the package extras, makes it the same cost as an FS7! Actually if you take retail prices from the package, I think it ends up cheaper than the FS7!!! Although yes, I have to spend more for the total package but get all useful high quality stuff (4K upgrade lic., the OLED viewfinder, and Sony's mount/rails.

So my reasons to go with the F5 are;
1). current promo is great price,
2). ability to upgrade to 16 bit and even upgrade sensor,
3). stronger lens mount and an overall more pro camera. The side panel window looks great for overall camera operation.

So, aside from overall opinions on the above, I have some specific questions;

1) is there any difference in the picture quality between an FS7 and the F5?

2). I am wondering why Sony is having this great Promo pricing: Replacement model coming out? Discontinuing of the F5? To be competitive with other cameras dropping prices?

3) Any recommendations of lens/s for my budget of less than 10k? I have a single Zeiss Cp.2, 21mm PL, for another camera already and was thinking of picking up a couple more like. 35mm and 50mm. I am also thinking about waiting for the $5,300 Canon cine zoom, the 18-80 that is due out in September. Although it is slow, I could probably supplement it with th 21mm Zeiss and maybe pick up a second Zeiss.

Any thoughts, opinions etc will be helpful. Thanks, Mark
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