Media needs to be restored

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Media needs to be restored

Post by flip1943 » June 3rd, 2012, 1:46 pm

I have just returned from a wedding shoot with three almost full 64Gb SxS cards and two almost full 16Gb SxS cards.

I have been exporting the files via XDCAM EX clip browser v2.6 and SBAC US10 card reader.

The two 16Gb cards and one 64Gb card worked fine. CThe other two 64Gb cards didn't show the clips in Clip Browser. Reinserting them into our Ex1R (they were both recorded on EX1Rs, one card in this camera, the second 64Gb card in a rented EX1R. The cards were formatted in the relevant cameras before use.

When I place the cards into my EX1R the screen reports Media A (or B when the other slot is used) Error. Media needs to be restored.

I need to ask three questions

1 why is this happening? Card 2 has been recovered by Sony Belgium on two occasions, once when I allowed Windows to scan it (my stupid fault) and once when I was using an earlier version of Clip Browser which affected the way the card reader worked,

2 should I allow this irreplaceable work to be "restored"? and

3 how do I do it?

Many thanks in advance
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Re: Media needs to be restored

Post by alisterchapman » June 5th, 2012, 6:55 pm

Normally the restore function is harmless. It works by reading a special extra file written to the SxS card every 4 seconds to close any open files and restore the correct file structure. If you card has been seriously corrupted somehow (virus on the PC?) then even the restore function may not help. The camera should automatically do the restore after you get the "needs restore" message if you select "OK".

For 64Gb cards you should be using XDCAM Browser V2, I'm not sure that 64Gb cards are fully supported by Clip Browser, which is now no longer supported, development of Clip Browser stopped some time ago.
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