XDcam Clip browser with Windows 8

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XDcam Clip browser with Windows 8

Post by chris@loughlin.tv » October 12th, 2012, 6:34 pm

I've been blessed (!) to get a preview release version of Windows 8 which I've been using happily for a week or so now. All my software (CS6 / Matrox drivers / Black magic ATEM control panel) seems to work fine - apart from Sony's XDcam EX Clip Browser 2.6 (obsolete but my preferred option under Win7) or even XDcam Browser 2.1 which is billed as working with Windows 7 and up.

This is probably a question I need to take to Sony - but I just wondered if anyone else had any experience of this and found a workaround on any versions of Win8?

Premiere will happily ingest the native XDcamEX files directly from the SxS card - but clients sometimes prefer MXF, which is when I really need clip browser.

Any comments / suggestions gratefully accepted...
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