Settings S-log2 on A73

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Settings S-log2 on A73

Post by Vurpocom » August 9th, 2018, 5:38 pm

Hi Alister

just some things about a little problem with my s-log2 settings on the Sony A73. This are my actual setting on my PP:

Black level: +5
Gamma: S-Log2
Black gamma: Wide, +2
Knee: Manual, 80%, Slope +2
Color mode: S-Gamut3.Cine
Saturation +3
Color phase +3
Color depth: R +2, G 0, B +3, C+3, M +2, Y +2
Detail: -7

I used a custom LUT for my SmallHD Focus monitor. Exposed looking at histogram to the right with zebra at 109%.
For the post I applied a custom LUT made in DaVinci Resolve and imported in FCPX.
Here comes my problem:
2018-08-09 17.34.40.jpg
2018-08-09 17.34.40.jpg (96.81KiB)Viewed 2611 times
I can see a lot of magenta big noise. Is this for missing informations in the 8bit Sony file or something wrong exposing the S-Log2?

Thank you very much

Vlad Moraru
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Re: Settings S-log2 on A73

Post by alisterchapman » August 25th, 2018, 12:39 pm

Most likely because you have screwed up the log curve by making adjustments to it. Get rid of all the extra adjustments in your profile, they won't improve things, only make them worse, S-Log 2 LUT's won't work right with raised black level and black gamma. So ditch all that junk and use the S-Log2 curve as it is supposed to be used. Then expose nice and bright and use a LUT with exposure compensation in post to bring the brightness to the correct levels in post.
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