FX6 S&Q Time Code

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FX6 S&Q Time Code

Post by garyfreeman » January 7th, 2022, 12:20 am


I've noticed that the Sony FX6's Free Run Time Code stops when S&Q is selected. If S&Q is deselected, the time code starts again, but jumps forward as if it were still running in the background.

However, if I record something in S&Q (100 fps in my example) the timecode starts and stops without advancing in the background.

I understand that when shooting at 100 fps, it's 4x more fames per second. And I can see the FX6's timecode runs way faster (probably 4x faster) when the cameras is set at S&Q 100 fps.

I can't work out why the time code stops though when the record button is pressed?

I may be missing something obvious, but can anymore help with an explanation?

Many thanks,
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