S&Q and frequentie vs. normal 50 fps

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S&Q and frequentie vs. normal 50 fps

Post by Pimdecameraman » December 16th, 2022, 3:41 pm

Hello dear Sony fans.

I'm a Sony FX9 user and I have a question about the S&Q mode. Can anybody tell me the difference, (except the audio) between filming in 'normal mode' 50 fps or filming in S&Q 50 fps.
I know with S&Q you don't record audio and in de post edit the S&Q shot is already slomo, so you don't have te slow the shot down. But is there any other difference? Maybe in quality?

Then also in S&Q you can choose different frequencies, like 25 or 50. But you can also set the fps. So for example you can record:
S&Q 50 fps and 25 frequentie. So what does 25 frequentie do in this example?

Hopefully someone van help me :)

Thank you!

greetings Pim
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