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Sony RX0 – Is this the ultimate mini-cam (for now at least).

RX0 Sony RX0 - Is this the ultimate mini-cam (for now at least).Sony have just released a rather exciting looking new type of mini-cam, the RX0.

I have not played with one yet, so I can only base my comments on the specs, but the specs are both impressive and exciting.

Most gopro type cameras use tiny sensors packed with pixels. This presents a problem as they tend not to be very light sensitive. However those small sensors when combined with an ultra wide angle lens eliminates the need to focus as the depth of field is vast. But for many applications that’s not what you always want. Sometimes you don’t want an ultra wide fisheye view of the world, sometimes you want to get in a bit closer. Sometimes you want a bit of selective focus. In addition it’s hard to be creative when you have no focus or depth of field control. Talking of control most mini-cams have very, very little in the way of manual control as they don’t have adjustable apertures and as a result rely entirely on variable gain and shutter speeds to control the exposure.

Enter the RX0. The RX0 shares a lot of features with the well regarded RX series of compact stills cameras. It has a 1.0″ type sensor, huge compared to most other minicams. It has 24mm f4 lens so it’s less wide and has a shallower DoF. It can shoot in 4K, it can even record using S-Log2 to capture a greater dynamic range so it may turn out to be a great mini-cam for HDR productions (although how big that dynamic range is is not clear at this time). I wish I had some of these for the HDR shoots I did at the beginning of the year.

It’s a camera you can control manually and it even has a special high speed shutter mode for all but eliminating rolling shutter artefacts.

Want to shoot slow-mo? No problem, the maximum frame rate is 960fps (although I suspect that the image quality drops at the higher frame rates).

It’s still very small and very compact, it’s also waterproof and has a high degree of shock proofing.

I can see myself using this as a time lapse camera or in a VR rig. So many applications for a camera like this. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Here’s the Sony product page:¬†https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/cyber-shot-compact-cameras/dsc-rx0#product_details_default

Replay XD1080 mini-cam.

replayxd1080-1-hero-300x221 Replay XD1080 mini-cam.
Replay XD1080 minicam

I like the Go-Pro, I also like the Sony MC1P, different tools for different jobs. The Sony MC1P has a built in screen on the end of an umbilical cable, so you can position the camera where you want it while viewing the pictures on the monitor. The Go-Pro can have a postage stamp size display clipped on to it’s back for framing, but this is next to useless when the camera is mounted in a tight spot where you can view it’s rear end.

Enter the Replay XD1080. This new POV camera (shipping at the end of the month) is small and compact, but the best bit IMHO is that it has an integrated HDMI output. This make plugging in a monitor, or recording to an external device like a NanoFlash nice and easy and makes this unit sound particularly versatile. In addition it will take an external microphone making it well suited to use in race or rally cars.

Looks like this will be a strong contender in the POV camera market. Only a few years ago minicams were few and far between and very expensive. Now we have lots of choice at great prices.