Canon Launches new C100 AVCHD s35mm camcorder.

We kind of knew this was coming, a lower cost super35mm camcorder from Canon. Slightly smaller than the C300 but using the same sensor recording to AVCHD at 24Mb/s and with a built in LCD panel as opposed to an external one this really does look like a nice little camcorder. Follow the link below for the full details from the Canon web site.

2 thoughts on “Canon Launches new C100 AVCHD s35mm camcorder.”

  1. Hi Alister

    Having just tested the Sony PXW-180 I am in the market to buy myself a new camcorder to supplement my Sony PMW350 for working in news and documentaries. Which do you think I should go for, the PXW-180 which is not due out till later this year and still has to go through the EBU testing, or the Sony PMW 200, Which is better in low light. I’m wanting to part ex my Canon C100. Advice please, should I keep my Canon C100 (I use it with a Ninja 2 for 4:2:2 recording at Pro Res), or sell it and by one of the other two camcorders I have mentioned. In your opinion do you think the Sony PXW-180 would pass the EBU testing for T2 journalism.

    Paul Walker 14/08/14

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