Alisters A7S Filmic LUTS set1

Alisters A7S Filmic LUTS set1

7 thoughts on “Alisters A7S Filmic LUTS set1”

  1. Thank you for this, it really is the best advice and explanation of SLOG2 I have found. It has saved me hours of testing today after switching my A7s on for the first time yesterday. Enjoy the Cocktail!

  2. This is very kind and helpful Alister. This is just what I need and I really appreciate you taking the time. I will post more constructive feedback when I have had a bit more time with he camera (I have only just got my cards after a four week wait!). The camera has been sitting in my cupboard meanwhile. Torture.

  3. You are such a valued resource. Your take on cameras and video is spot on. đŸ™‚
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us.


  4. How do I apply these LUTS? I have downloaded them but am not sure how to use them inside of Davinci resolve? they are unlike previous LUT’s that I have downloaded.

    1. They are just the same as any other 3D LUT. You need to place them in the Resolve LUT folder.

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