Shooting guide for the PXW-FS7

Just a quick note to remind those eagerly waiting the arrival of their FS7 cameras that the CineEI mode of the FS7 is just about identical to the CineEI mode of the F5 and F55. SO if you want to know how it works then take a look at my guides to CineEI and LUT’s on the F5 and F55. 

3 thoughts on “Shooting guide for the PXW-FS7”

  1. I did some tests with the FS7 (Cine EI mode with S-Log3) and recognized some intense noise in the darker areas of some images. The areas are dark but not absolutely underexposed. How could this happen, do you have any idea?

    I really appreciate your hard work for the community, thanks so much!

  2. After an extense check of colors and exposure I must they that it’s my fault; the image isn’t exposed correctly. It’s very interesting to see that shooting in CineEI mode and S-Log3 is quite different (I need to learn to work with LUTs).

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