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62 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. Thought you deserved a cocktail, your website, forum posts and articles have proved invaluable over the last month on my “journey to FS7!”.


  2. Thanks SO MUCH!!!!!! Your articles and tutorials are the best. In addition to A7rii, I also have a AX100. Would it be beneficial to use the Atamos with that cam? Jim V

    1. It will give you a better codec, so there may be some small benefits depending on what you are doing with the footage. Certainly wouldn’t hurt.

  3. Thanks Alister! Your work is super helpful.
    Do you have somewhere on the site the middle grey, skin tone, and 90% white for A7sii SLOG-3? Or would it be the same as that for the FS7?
    Thanks again.

    1. The same as any other S-Log3 camera. 60% for white, 41% middle grey. But I wouldn’t use S-Log3 with an 8 bit camera, it doesn’t work well. Use S-Log2 and expose white at 70%.

  4. Hi Alister

    Thanks for all the great articles

    Quick question re baking in. I’m using S-log3 and LC709A which the client wants baked in. That being the case if I change my EI am I now back to adjusting the gain of my recorded image or am I still push/pulling the image with the base setting of 2000

  5. Thanks for all the great info you provide to us mignons. Your site is a huge valuable resource for matters related to Camera materials

  6. Thanks Alistair,
    You really do provide a wonderful service to the Sony community!
    I love working with your A7S II LUTS and found your exposure article for this camera very helpful. All the best.

  7. Thank you for developing the above LUTs. They work really well with the S-LOG 2 that I use on my Sony RX10 II. At last, some convincing results that make colour grading worth the effort. A premium beer on me; thanks again.

  8. Alister – Thanks for all the info you share on the FS5 FB group, and building the Venice-for-the-rest-of-us LUTs!

  9. Alister, just a thanks from Denmark, for all the work and effort you help a lot of people with around the world on a daily bases. Cheers Mate

  10. Hi Alister,

    Glad to buy you a drink. I left you a few questions about the Sony Z280 on one of your XDCAM User posts. It was your extensive post about Z280 color settings. So long story short, I am having big issues with my Z280 camcorder lens and need your help! Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


  11. A big THANK YOU, these LUTS are great and extremely helpful to me. Much Appreciated!

  12. You’re very generous with your expertise. My donation isn’t for one thing in particular but for your willingness to share knowledge as a whole. Even with people who are entirely unappreciative and entitled — you keep your cool. A professional after my own heart. Much respect.

  13. Hi Alister. Have a cocktail. Thank you for all the invaluable help and advice you’ve imparted through your blogs and tutorials – incredibly useful – and your LUTs have been the starting point for a number of shoots and grades. All the best to you and your projects going forwards! Cheers, Patrick

  14. The LUT was quite useful. I’ve used your other LUTs for the FS7, and tried this one out on the FS7 as well. I know it wasn’t built for it, but it actually looks quite wonderful. The skintones pop, the green is subdued, and it gives the image a nice starting point. The magenta in skintones that’s present in LC709A, LC709, and others are diminished, and the image looks wonderful. Thanks for the hard work, and enjoy the beer! Cheers!

  15. Thank you so much for creating the Venice LUT pack! My FS5 has never looked better. I used the -G2 LUTS for a recent commercial and the results were so warm and beautiful. Well done and thanks so much again for your work, it is truly indispensable.

  16. Thank you for making these. I own the Sony Fs700 (yes, still) and frequently use the Sony Fs7 & (occassionaly)Fs5. You work is appreciated.

  17. Thank you for developing free LUTs. i like them a lot. soon i will get my ninja 5 for my sony a7siii im sure your luts goin to help me a lot

  18. Enjoy your premium beer master.
    If I can please ask the 65x lut that I can use in fcpx, I remember you mention the lut should be the last step and all color adjustments should be before it. Therefore, may I please ask in the fcpx metadata (information) tap, if I choose your lut for the camera lut there, does that mean it’s going to be the first or last thing applied to that footage?

  19. You just extended my FS7´s life. Clients was asking for S-Cinetone look, so I downloaded your LUTs. Send the test file to clients, everybody is happy. Bookings are flying in, with the full kit and S-Cinetone setups.

    Thanks Alister!


  20. Slainte Alister. I’ll raise a pint here as well. I attended a seminar at Rule Boston a few years back which was key for me using the Fs7. Thanks for all the helpful material on the blog as well. Great to know that I have a trusted source for shooting with these cameras.

  21. Thank you, I am relatively new owner of the FS5 (just couldn’t pass up a great deal on a used one), I realize in 2022 this camera is a bit dated but for my type of work if does great. Your page has been a real great source of information and thank you for keeping it so well organized. I will surely be donating again soon.

  22. Alistair, thanks for all your knowledgeable insight, inside information with honest evaluations and great work on all your LUTs. I use them all the time. Now I will add Elixir to my library.

  23. Thank you so much for your work! I love your LUTs. Please don’t skip A7SIII in your future articles. You knowledge and insight is priceless. Happy Ney Year man!

  24. Thanks again for adding to your collection of LUTs, which I have been using for years. Top of my wishlist might sound stupid: a S-log3 to S-Cinetone LUT. I am often needing to conform S-log3 footage to an edit that is using a Cinetone look. Either because it is archive footage from another project shot in Log, or coming from videographers who did not change their camera settings. I’ve gotten faster at matching the looks, but I’m still having to do it manually for every shot. S-Cinetone seems to split the difference between s709 and some of your filmic Arri or Venice looks. More and more I am advocating for S-Cinetone across a variety of projects, and am surprised how much information can be pushed or pulled in terms of under/overexposure (maybe 3 stops in either direction) – so long as you are shooting in the higher quality codecs. Thanks again for helping us get the most out of these cameras.

    1. I have tried to match S-Cinetone, but not yet been able to get a result I am 100% confident with. Sony haven’t publish any details so it’s very difficult to do.

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