Sony Memory Media Utility.

If you use Sony’s SXS cards or USB Hard Drives, Sony have a utility that allows you to check the status of your media and correctly format the media. This is particularly useful for reading the number of cycles your SXS card has reached.

The utility can also copy SXS cards to multiple destinations for simultaneous backups of your content. You can download the utility for free via the link below.

One thought on “Sony Memory Media Utility.”

  1. Hi, thank you for this recommendation. However, it doesn’t seem to work correctly with HDDs. I connected an PHU-60 Unit (from a Sony PMW EX3) to my Mac. In the Media Utiliy I went to the tab for HDD/SSD. Clicking on the dropdown for “Disk” doesn’t work. It does not even show an empty list. It doesn’t react at all.
    Did anyone get that working?

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