PXW-FS5 Firmware Version 4.0 with HDR and 2000ISO for S-Log

Sony have today released firmware version 4.0 for the PXW-FS5. This firmware adds the ability to directly output Hybrid Log Gamma via picture profile 10 for an instant HDR workflow. It also allows you to set the base ISO for S-log to 2000 ISO.

You can download it from here: https://www.sony.co.uk/pro/support/software/SW_122115_PSG/40


13 thoughts on “PXW-FS5 Firmware Version 4.0 with HDR and 2000ISO for S-Log”

  1. There are new low ISO settings for all of the profiles, not just Slog. For instance, Standard’s new low ISO is 800. Since the pre V4 low ISO was 1000, and the corresponding gain was 0db, does the new low of 800 correspond to 0db, or are they gaining down to -3db? The gain settings haven’t changed and are still 0, +3, etc. Thanks.

    1. It’s not a gain change as such. I suspect Sony have altered the way the way the analog to digital converters on the sensor are working or shifted the digital processing range used. So not quite the same as a gain shift, so no loss of dynamic range as would normally be associated with negative gain.

  2. Does anyone have problems with HDR shots in Premiere Pro? Because I imported some clips and PP 2017 crashes. Thank you. Ben

      1. Thank you. So do we have to wait a correction from Adobe to use 2020 in Premiere or is it ok to use 709? The color render seems not the same with HLG3 for instance. By the way, what do you think about HDR? I ran some tests and it looks very great, very smooth in highlights.

        1. I would only use 2020 if your display supports 2020 or your client requires it, otherwise there is very little point. On a 709 TV or monitor if you shoot 2020 the colours will be wrong.

  3. I’ve been shooting Slog3 with an EV of +1.5. Does the new 2000 ISO mean I should only overexpose by one stop? Thanks.

    1. I would continue to shoot at +1.5EV as the dynamic range, headroom and shadow range have not changed so you will continue to see an improvement in mid range and shadow reproduction by shooting a bit bright. Now you will have even less noise than you had before.

  4. Dear Alister. According to you, is there an benefit in using HDR instead of S-Log for a cinema style short film edited with Premiere, colored in Da Vinci and released on a Blu-ray or a DCP? Is there a gain in the softness of highlights and, for example, with skin tone?
    Thanks a lot,

  5. It appears the link is no longer valid? There are BIG RED letters at the top of the page:

    “We are temporarily stopping download of PXW-FS5 / FS5K firmware.
    We are planning a restart in early August”

    Any ideas as to why it is recalled?

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