Revised and improved HLG camera LUT for FS7, F5 and F55.

I have created a new and improved HLG camera LUT for the PXW-FS7, PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 cameras. This 3D LUT can be used to shoot HLG directly by baking the LUT in to the recordings in camera. This allows you to create “instant HDR” footage that just like the HLG footage from an FS5 or Z90 does not need to be graded or modified to provide an HDR image on an equipped HDR TV. Skin tones should be exposed at around 55-60% and white at around 70-75%.

Click here to download the LUT AC-HLGSL3-V2.cube

14 thoughts on “Revised and improved HLG camera LUT for FS7, F5 and F55.”

  1. Hi, first time commenting. I looked inside the LUT file and it said Sgamut3 to 709. Can this be used for workflows that use Sgamut3 to 2020? Thanks so much for your work.

  2. Hi Alister, Regarding your LUTS for Monitor, which would you suggest for the CD Odyssey 7Q+?

  3. Thanks, Alister. I did a search and could not find a LUT for the a7 III for HDR delivery. If there was one, it would gave taken less time to post a link rather than leaving a response like the one you just gave. I try to be more courteous to fellow filmmakers.

    1. HLG is an HDR delivery format. So the HLG LUT’s provided here, when applied to S-Log3 will create an HDR image compatible with an HLG display device.

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