Black and White LUT set.

This was asked for on one of the online groups I follow. It’s a simple Black and White LUT that gives a wide dynamic range black and white image. The LUT has been designed to give a pleasing and gentle highlight roll-off with a reasonably contrasty mid range. I decided not to go too contrasty via the LUT so that more contrast can be added in post if needed. The output is legal range (broadcast safe). There is a single camera LUT for use in camera as well as a set of exposure compensated LUT’s going from -2 to plus 2 stops in half stop steps.

As always (to date at least) I offer these as a free download available by clicking at the bottom of the page. It takes time to create them and money to host them. I feel that this LUT set is worth $5.00 and would really appreciate that being paid if you find the LUT’s useful. But I will let you pay what you feel is fair, all contributions are greatly appreciated and it really does help keep this website up and running. If you can’t afford to pay, then just download the LUT’s and enjoy using them. If in the future you should choose to use them on a paying project, please remember where you got them and come back and make a contribution. More contributions means more LUT offerings in the future.

Please feel free to share a link to this page if you wish to share these LUT’s with anyone else or anywhere else.

To make a contribution please use the drop down menu here, there are several contribution levels to choose from.

Your choice:

pixel Black and White LUT set.

Click here to download AC Black and White LUT’s V1


Film Emulation LUT’s set 1.

Venice Look LUT’s V3 (lower contrast and minus green)

Venice Look LUT’s V1 (high contrast)

HLG HDR LUT for FS7, F5 and F55.

WYSIWYG LUT’s (Designed to be baked in)

7 thoughts on “Black and White LUT set.”

  1. It seems that the camera has a problem processing the LUT 33x33x33. I can load the 33×33 lut but it must process it as if it were 17×17. The result is that artifacts of color and banding appear. It’s similar to when I put Lut into a Teradek Bolt. Would it be possible to solve it without having to use a Lut Box?

    1. LUT’s work in zones/ranges, so even a 33x LUt breaks the image into 33x ranges so steps and banding are always possible. 3D LUT’s were never really intended for grading or final output.

      1. Thanks for your answer Alister.
        I have done several tests and it does not seem a problem of LUTs 33x33x33, but of the processing of the camera. In fact, the same LUTs with the same configuration in the Sony F55 produce perfect results. In the Venice you can see banding and artifacts of color in degraded images, like when you work with Luts 17×17. Obviously these images are not in recording. Nor are the LUTs used for grading. But when the director of photography wants a correct reference image, it is necessary for the camera to produce a correct image with LUT. And it is a failure of the Venice that Sony should correct and that does not make sense because the F55 does it well. This probelama forces me to put LUTBOX with the same LUTs 33x33x33 so that the reference image looks good.


  2. Sorry for the dumb questions but is it worth shooting in S-log 3 for B&W? And also if I were correcting the image in post, would it be better to use your S-log3 to Rec-709 LUT before applying your B&W LUT?

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