PXW-FX9 Base differences

While going through my photos of the FX9 from IBC I came across this one of the cameras underside. I’m posting it because I think it helps underlines the fact that Sony clearly learnt a lot from the FS7 and other earlier cameras. It also I think shows how the PXW-FX9 is designed to be a step above the FS7.

While all the small screw and the shape of the bottom of the camera is almost exactly the same as an FS7 (so existing base plates etc can be used), the screws that secure the tripod fixing plate to the camera have been seriously upgraded. Instead of little tiny screws there are now 8 cap head bolts securing the plate to the cameras chassis.

DSC_0464-2-1024x576 PXW-FX9 Base differences
The base of the Sony PXW-FX9

This is clearly going to be stronger than the small screws on the FS7 and is a welcome upgrade. So much of the FX9 has been upgraded over the FS7 that it really is a very different camera and it feels much more substantial when you hold it. The image below is a picture of the FX9’s new magnesium alloy chassis.

DSC_0352-1024x576 PXW-FX9 Base differences
The Chassis of the PXW-FX9
460x150_xdcam_150dpi PXW-FX9 Base differences

4 thoughts on “PXW-FX9 Base differences”

  1. Nice to see the serious upgrade to the bottom plate. The same evolution happened from the venerable EX1 to the x200. I have a perfectly functional EX1 that’s on the shelf because two of four screws stripped, and one threaded chassis post has broken off. Has not been dropped nor banged around that much! The x200 has a much better bottom.

    1. You can get the holes rethreaded or have helicoil inserts fitted on the EX1. I think often the damage is done when people grab the camera handle to move the camera + tripod.

  2. Thanks for all your info on this camera Alister – you’re all over the net! It’s given me the confidence to order one. I’m not a FS7 owner and will want to get a pan handle zoom control for the Sony 28-135 lens. Does the FX9 have the same connection as the FS7 and if so any recommendations?

    1. It has the same LANC connection as the FS7 as well as the newer USB style multi-interface connection as used on the Alpha cameras.

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