Live Streaming From an FS5

Do you have an FS5 and want to stream to Facebook or YouTube? It’s actually fairly straight forward and you don’t even need to buy anything extra! You can even connect a couple of FS5’s to a single computer and switch between them.

How do you do it?

First you will need to download and install two pieces of free software on your computer. The first is VLC. VLC is an open source video player but it also has the ability to act as a media server that can receive the UDP video streams that the FS5 sends and convert them into a live video clip on the computer. The computer and the camera will both need to be connected to the same wifi network and you will need to enter the IP address of the computer into the streaming server settings in the FS5. By connecting the FS5 to your computer via the network you can use VLC to decode the UDP stream . Go to “file” “open network” and click on “open RTP/UDP stream” and enter the computers IP address and the stream port, you should then save the FS5 stream as a playlist in VLC.

The next piece of software that you need is OBS Open Broadcast Studio. 

OBS is a clever open source streaming application that can convert any video feed connected to a computer into a web stream. From within OBS you can set the signal source to VLC and then the stream from the FS5 will become one of the “scenes” or inputs that OBS can stream to Facebook, YouTube etc.

For multi-camera use a different port for each of the UDP streams and then in VLC save each stream as a different playlist. Then each playlist can be attached to a different scene in OBS so that you can switch. cut and mix between them.


10 thoughts on “Live Streaming From an FS5”

  1. Tried this but just keep getting the message:
    ‘No Registered Access Point’ on the FS5
    I’ve put my computer’s IP address into the Destination Set – Host Name under Streaming in the menu (preset 1) and the Port says 1234, so that’s not been changed.
    Clicked on Execute, but keep getting the message above?

  2. Love to see a workshop on the fx9 auto focus .. I presume there are many people like myself coming from f5/fs7 land ,who have never used AF on their A camera .. but have some idea from the more rudimentary A7 camera ,s AF

  3. I was able to get this to work however the camera lag with vlc and obs is horrible. Is there a setting that can be changed to reduce the latency?

  4. Hi Alistair, Thanks so much for this instructional video. It worked a treat on my FS5. I’ve been wanting to live broadcast now for a couple of months on my steadily growing youtube channel. This was a perfect start. I went live, viewers loved it but had audio echoing because I had audio feed from both computer and camera. Turned down the computer mic volume in OBS and all good. My channel, called Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV, has over 100 thousa
    nd subscribers and close to 30 million views and hopefully this function will help me to continue to engage and build audience. I’m not sure if you are up for it, but would love further tuition on how to include another camera and switch between them and how to integrate contributions from audience on skype, facebook, zoom, etc. cheers Dave Darcy

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