FX6-FX9 XAVC Card Recording Times

How much can I fit on a SD card, CFExpress card, SxS or XQD card is a question that comes up regularly. So I have prepared a table of the typical record times for most of the different XAVC-I and XAVC-L codecs and frame rates . Originally drawn up for the FX6 this table applies equally to any other Sony camcorder that uses the same codecs, including the PXW-FX9, PMW-F5 and F55 as well as the FS7 and many others.
Do note that the times given are approximate and do not include proxies.  Not every frame rate and codec is included but you should be able to figure out the approximate record time for most cards, codecs and frame rates using this table.

UHD/4K XAVC-I 24/25p  16 32 40 64 128
UHD/4K XAVC-I 30p  13 26 33 53 106
UHD/4K XAVC-I 50p  8 15 19 31 62


6 13 15 26 52
UHD XAVC-I 100fps  4 7 10 15 30
UHD XAVC-I 120fps 3 6 8 12 24
UHD XAVC-L 24/25/30p 39 79 96 158 315
UHD XAVC-L 50/60p  8bit 26 51 63 103 206
UHD XAVC-L 24/25/30p 100fps S&Q 8 bit 10 19 24 39 78
UHD XAVC-L 50/60p 120fps S&Q 8 bit 8 16 20 32 64
UHD XAVC-L 50/60p 100fps  S&Q 8 bit 15 30 37 61 122
UHD XAVC-L 50/60p S&Q 120fps  8 bit 13 25 31 51 102
HD XAVC-I 24/25/30p 34 67 83 135 270
HD XAVC-I 50/60p 17 35 43 70 140
HD XAVC-I 100fps 10 21 26 42 84
HD XAVC-I 120fps 8 17 21 35 70
HD XAVC-I 240fps (lower quality) 4 8 10 17 35
HD XAVC-L50 24/25/30p 75 150 180 300 600
HD XAVC-L50 50/60p 72 144 175 288 576
HD XAVC-L50 24/25/30p S&Q 120fps 36 72 88 144 288
HD XAVC-L50 50/60p S&Q 240fps 18 36 44 72 124
HD XAVC-L30 24/25/30p 101 201 250 405 810
HD XAVC-L30 50/60p  96 193 237 387 774
HD XAVC-L30 120fps  48 96 118 193 387
HD XAVC-L30 240fps 24 48 59 96 193

13 thoughts on “FX6-FX9 XAVC Card Recording Times”

  1. Thank you for this table.
    Is it possible to record HD XAVC-I with the FX6?
    If yes, could you please write what are the recording times for it?
    Thank you.

        1. I have another question please.
          What are the minimum card demands for recording HD XAVC-I 25P on the FX6?

  2. Great chart Alister, very useful and something you could carry in your phone for easy access.
    It would be great see to similar ones for the A7siii/A7iii as well. FX9/FS7?

  3. Hi Alister,
    Thanks for the info!
    I’m just suddenly wondering: at UHD/4K XAVC-I 24/25p, a 128GB card will record 64min. That’s the same as with an FS7.. Is the data rate of the fx6 not much higher..? At 600mbs, I reckon a 128GB card would record 28 min. What am i doing wrong in my calculation..?

      1. Thanks for your answer Alister!
        SO.. that means there’s no improvement in terms of codec and database between FS7 and FX6..? I thought there was as the FS7 doesn’t record at 600Mbs..
        Please tell me what I seem to misunderstand.
        Thx again,

        1. The codecs are the same, there is no difference in the data rates. The FS7 does record 600Mb/s – when you shoot at 4K 60p.

          1. So how is it that the FX9 records a resolution higher than that of the Fs7 yet has same data rate ( and uses no more card-space )?

            I recall your speaking on how much more resolution there is with the FX9 ( and how that higher rez results in CA being more evident ).

            More info but no more data? How?

          2. Both record 4K files, but both use a bayer sensor. A bayer sensor only delivers resolution that is approx 70% of the pixel count. So the FS7’s sensor resolves around 2.8-3K, this is then placed in a 4K file and that is what is recorded. The FX9 has a 6K sensor, so it can resolve 4K, this is then placed in that same size 4K file and is recorded. As a result, although the files are the same the FX9’s files contain more picture information.

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