Rugged, Lightweight Mic Mount for the Sony FX6.

AJC09657-600x401 Rugged, Lightweight Mic Mount for the Sony FX6.
Rugged replacement microphone mount for the Sony FX6

I have designed a custom, robust, yet lightweight microphone mount for the Sony ILME-FX6 camcorder (it will also fit the FS5). It’s low cost and it replaces the existing microphone mount and provides a strong and flexible mounting solution for a wide range of microphones with very good vibration and handling noise isolation properties. It is fitted to the camera by unscrewing the two screws that attach the factory supplied mic mount and using the same screws to attach this mount in the same place (do not over tighten the screws). 

AJC09659-600x401 Rugged, Lightweight Mic Mount for the Sony FX6.
Front view of the custom FX6 mic mount.

This mount will take heavier microphones than the standard mount which is prone to becoming floppy and breaking over time.

There are two sets of mounting holes so you can have the microphone at two different distances from the carry handle to suit your individual needs. The microphone mount will not obstruct or block the MI Shoe as many other 3rd party mic mounts will.

You can order the mount from Shapeways where they are made to order in a wide range of colours out of a very tough plastic material with a textured finish.

AJC09661-600x401 Rugged, Lightweight Mic Mount for the Sony FX6.

This mount will take any microphone up to approx 32mm in diameter. You will need 4 “O” rings to loop over the slots in the mic holder to act as the suspension for the microphone. these should be 2 or 3mm thick with an inside diameter of between 28mm and 32mm (30mm recommended). The O rings will not be supplied by Shapeways, you must source these for yourself. These are very cheap and are normally available on ebay, from car spares stores, plumbing suppliers and DIY stores. If you can’t find the right O rings it is also possible to use elastic bands, but these don’t tend to support the microphone as well as O rings.

23 thoughts on “Rugged, Lightweight Mic Mount for the Sony FX6.”

    1. I purchased the MicHolder from Shapeways and made the Mistake of using a Philips 00 instead of JIS00. One screw is already rounded, not sure if I can ever get it out to remove the stock Holder and replace it with the one designed from Alistair.
      However can anyone say what exact screw is needed to replace the original ones holding the Mic Holder

        1. Thanks Alister.
          After some research, from what I found the original screw is a P2.6x10mm. However after going through a hard time of removing one rounded screw (screw remover in combination with the cut off finger from a thin rubber glove did the trick) I found that an M2.5x 10mm works perfectly fine.

          I was finally able to install the new Custom Mic Holder by Alistair and am super happy with the result.
          There is much less Handling Noise compared to the original one.
          Almost none existing now.

          I am using a Sennheiser MKE 600 with O-Rings with a thickness of 3.5mm , inner diameter: 28mm, outer diameter 35mm

  1. Thanks for posting this, Alister.

    I use a Sony FS700R with an Atomos Shogun Inferno as my primary cinema camera. Do you know if I can use “Replacement Mic Holder for Sony pro camcorder” instead of the SmallRig Universal Shotgun Microphone Mount 1993 and Sony ECM-VG1 setup I typically use for documentary and corporate work?

    There are no measurements or specs on the Shapeways product page, so it’s hard to determine if the two mounting screws on the FS700R body will line up.

    1. There is a vast range of mics that can be used from dozens of different manufacturers, depending on individual needs.

  2. Hey Allister,
    Are you aware of any known resellers or 3d printers in mainland EU? At shapeways I should pay an additional €15 for shipping plus the expected customs. So it’s going to add up pretty much for a small piece of plastic. ? Plus it’s going to take at least 3 weeks to be delivered…

    Thanks, best!

  3. Hi Alister

    I want to buy your fx6 mic holder but I cannot for the life of me get the original one off. I have tried so many screw drivers which are the correct size but no screw driver seems to be able to grip the screw head well enough. Is there a trick to this or a certain brand/make of screw driver to do this? thanks

    Simon Cohen

    1. You need a JIS size 1 screwdriver, if you try to use a normal philips or cross head screwdriver you will damage the screw head and it will be impossible to remove. The screws used on most Japanese made electronic products are JIS.

  4. Hi. Just fitted mine following your instructions for the type of o rings. I’m getting quite a lot of squeaking sounds as I move the camera. Must be from slight movements of the mic in the o rings. I’m using a Sanken CMS-50.

    Do you have any advice?


    1. What material are the O rings made from? There are 3 main types – nitrile, neoprene and silicone. Perhaps you could try an alternate material, I have not come across squeaking issues before.

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