FX6 Firmware Update Adds 120fps Raw.

Screenshot-2021-05-21-at-09.37.54-1024x160 FX6 Firmware Update Adds 120fps Raw.

Sony have just released firmware version 1.10 for the ILME-FX6. This firmware update adds the ability to output raw at 100p and 120p to a suitable external raw recorder.  The only raw recorder that can record the 100 and 120fps raw is the Atomos Ninja V+ which will be available very soon. This is a welcome update for the FX6 and it also includes some “stability fixes” so I recommend that all users update their cameras.

I’ve found the most reliable way to update the camera is to download the SD Card/CFExpress card version and place the Bodydata.dat file on an SD card. This is listed on the Sony site as “ILME-FX6 Update Guide(SD Card/CFexpress card. Put the SD card in the BOTTOM of the cameras 2 SD card slots (slot B) and then start the update from the Maintenance, Version, Version Up  setting in the cameras full menu. You should insert a fully charged battery and also connect mains power when doing the update.

You will find the various firmware updaters here: https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/camcorders-and-video-cameras-interchangeable-lens-camcorders/ilme-fx6v/downloads 

The Atomos Ninja V+ is an upgraded version of the Ninja V. It’s the same size and shape but has much more internal processing power. The extra processing allows it to record 4K 120fps raw or 8K 30p raw (it will be interesting to know which cameras are going to be outputting 8K raw). I really like the Ninja V, it’s small, compact and packed with useful features for not a lot of money. To record the raw from the FX6 do remember that you have to add the AtomX SDI module.

10 thoughts on “FX6 Firmware Update Adds 120fps Raw.”

  1. Hi Alister,

    Thanks for the update about the update.. 🙂
    One question: Is it 4K DCI or 4K UHD?
    And also, that goes only via SDI and not via HDMI..?

    Thanks for the details!


    1. There is no tracking on the FX9. It’s only on the cameras that have the Alpha firmware and menu system. I don’t know why it can’t be included on the FX6 but it might be to make room in the software for the CineEI mode.

  2. Hi Alister,
    Thx for your answer and correcting my mistake. I should have started by thanking you for all your work and your support. As new FX6 user, you are the best source I’ve found with the DVXuser site 🙂

  3. Went to do the update and found three different versions of the FX6? Have no idea which one I have bought, didn’t know there were three kinds of FX6 but apparently these updates are listed separately for an FX6V, FX6TK, or an FX6T?

    How confusing which of these do I choose when updating firmware?


  4. Alíster, is there a reason that when in a base frame rate of 24fps, the max frame rate is 60fps? Is there a reason that it cannot be higher like 72fps or 96fps?

    Also, with affordable options for anamorphics coming out, would it be possible to add some of the more common anamorphic modes to the FX6?

    1. I don’t know why that limitation exists but it does. If you use 23.98fps then the camera can shoot up to 120fps. I suspect the issue is related to the cameras 29.97fps timebase required to retain compatibility with conventional TV’s and monitors.

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