Sony FX3 gets CineEI and LUTs

The smallest camera in Sony’s Cinema Line, the FX3 has a new, massive firmware update. Firmware version 2 adds  a conventional CineEI mode as well as a “quick” CineEI mode (automatically switches the base ISO depending on the chosen EI value) for shooting S-Log3 and raw with the ability to monitor using custom LUTs. Additionally, if you wish you can also bake in you favourite LUT to your recordings. The firmware update also makes it possible to input timecode by using an special adapter cable that plugs into the cameras usb/multifunction port.

In the movie shooting mode the cameras on screen overlays are now moved above and below the main image area so that the images you are shooting are not obstructed by text or icons. This is really nice touch.

This update brings the FX3 into much closer functional alignment with the rest of the cinema line. Two make it all work the menu system has also been overhauled and a function menu can be quickly accessed by swiping the cameras touch screen.

Do not that this firmware does remove S-Log2 and that the camera will be reset to it’s factory defaults when the upgrade is performed. As far as I know the A7S3 will not get a similar update as this is not part of the Cinema Line. The firmware update is available for download from the Sony website.

7 thoughts on “Sony FX3 gets CineEI and LUTs”

  1. As a A7SIII user I got to admit I’m not clear on what advantage these new additions make over manual settings already possible?

    Flexible ISO:
    A shooting mode that allows you to record S-Log material by adjusting the exposure settings including ISO sensitivity according to the shooting scene.
    Cine EI Quick:
    A shooting mode in which movies are recorded using a Base ISO, as is the case with the Cine EI mode, but the Base ISO switches automatically according to the adjusted EI value.
    Cine EI:
    A shooting mode that allows you to shoot with two Base ISO settings that can express clear images with the maximum dynamic range and suppressed noise.

  2. Alister, there is some confusion online about the CINE EI base ISO after the update. Previously the FX3 base ISO was stated to be 640, but CINE EI mode puts it at 800. Should we use 800 even if not shooting in CINE EI mode but still shooting SLOG3?

    1. 800 in the Log mode, but it appears to still be 640 outside of the log mode when shooting S-Log3

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