Don’t Attach Extension Arms To the Side Of an FX6.

I attempts to turn the FX6 into a shoulder camera I am seeing a lot of people removing the FX6’s handgrip from the side of the camera and then attaching an extension arm to the camera body where the hand grip normally attaches, perhaps either directly with a dedicated arm or by  fitting a rosette to the camera body.

I strongly recommend you do not do this! 

A long arm increases the amount of force that can be applied to the body of the camera and it wasn’t designed to take the forces an arm places on it. Especially if the camera is loaded up with other accessories such as monitors, V-Lock adapters or a base plate. There have been several instances of the camera body fracturing around the hand grip mount when an extension arm has been used. Replacing the camera body is not cheap and it is unlikely to be covered under any warranty as it wasn’t designed to be used this way.

Instead mount the arm to a base plate, there are many FX6 base plates that include a suitable rosette for arms and other accessories.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Attach Extension Arms To the Side Of an FX6.”

  1. Thats really a pity. Lots of companies like chrosziel sell their extension arm for mounting directly on the fx-6… Thanks for information!

    1. Yes, but generally what happens is that the only reason to use an extension arm is if you have built the camera into a shoulder rig. So not only is the arm supporting the camera it is also supporting all the weight of a base plate, perhaps a V-Mount battery and a whole bunch of other stuff. The handgrip mount on the side of the camera was only ever intended for a handgrip directly attached to the side of the camera and for the weight of the camera. It could have been made stronger, but then the camera would have been heavier and if you reinforce that area do you also reinforce the handle and base so that it’s strong enough for people to pick up the camera plus attached tripod using just the camera handle? Eventually you would end up with something to heavy to be a handheld camera and considerably more expensive.

  2. Also note where the mic holder connects to the body is weak as well, mine got a knock and completely snapped off the body, I recommend removing the mic holder if your not using it.

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