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Sony FDR-AX100E Noise when recording at 4k

Posted: January 2nd, 2015, 12:48 pm
by scampaboy

Im looking for some advice, I have the above camera and when I am recording at 4K the quality is a lot worse that at HD. There seems to be noise in the recording a lot of noise. I am looking for soma advice as maybe I am doing something wrong when shooting footage.

I am using fully automatic settings in normal indoor light conditions. Could this be an issue when I'm importing it to my computer I am watching the footage on an iMac 27inch or is it something I am not correcting by manual settings.

I can attache a video on Youtube if that is needed to help me diagnose the problem

Kind Regards


edit-- here is a link to a short video i made, normal lighting and as you can see on the couch the pattern is blurring/noisy. This seems to happen with patterned light objects and also dark objects. I uploaded the file to youtube and I know they compress them little but still its not much worse than what i captured. I would like to understand is it something i am doing wrong in the camera setting, is it something like my sd card is not fast enough, or is it my computer screen that causes this problem. (my computer is a 27 inch non retina iMac)

here is the link ... c-3MjUpJwA