Contacting Sony

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Contacting Sony

Post by wafalcon » September 26th, 2014, 7:36 am

Hello :-)
I would like to contact Sony Professional Video Department or Manager to send them a feature request for PMW Camcorders.

Does anyone know who I can contact and how I can contact to ask them?

I would like to ask them to create a firmware update with Shockless Gain or Smooth Gain Transitions. This is not a new feature at all and exists on some of the Sony's cheaper cameras, but for some reason does not exist in my new PMW-300 Camera.

Alister if you could suggest this feature to Sony engineers, I would extremely appreciate it. Since you are a known person to them and worked with them, they will listen to you much more than me or anyone else. Please feel free to suggest this feature idea as your own.

It may seam like it is not a big deal, but whenever people are stuck in the situations where IRIS is full open and Gain becomes the main form of exposure control, Smooth gain switching is extremely needed.

Sony will be rolling out a new firmware update soon for Long-GOP XAVC and maybe they can include Smooth Gain also with it.

So any direction, suggestion, and info would be greatly appreciated :-)
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