FS700 RAW is it linear or S-log 2

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FS700 RAW is it linear or S-log 2

Post by Markyboy » March 1st, 2021, 12:57 pm

Hi Alister,

Yes that's correct I'm still using the NEX FS700! The FS700 users FB group directed me to your new Venice LUTs for S-log 2 cameras.
I have tried them in Adobe Premiere on my 4K prores recordings of the RAW output captured on my Atomos Inferno.

Somehow the look I get seems too contrasty with overly high colour saturation. I am aware that picture profile seven must be selected to enable S-log 2 internal recordings but I also notice that the RAW output appears to be affected slightly by changing the picture profile.
I seem to remember you referring to the 12 bit RAW output as being a linear RAW and not a log RAW. It certainly looks as washed out as the internal S-log 2 recordings but this subject has been bugging me for nearly 10 years now. Despite the issues with noise and "Sony colours", 4k at 120FPS is still not too shabby and I'd love to finally nail this subject before heading towards the amazing FX-6.

Many thanks for your support over the years at various trade shows and 3D F1 & MotoGP filming.

Mark Ratcliff
Fellow Productions
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