Sony FX6 S&Q 100 fps

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Sony FX6 S&Q 100 fps

Post by garyfreeman » January 7th, 2022, 12:33 am


I've use been shooting some test footage with my Sony FX6 set at a 25 fps base frame rate but used S&Q at 100 fps.

It plays really nicely in slow motion on a 25 fps timeline, but I wanted to speed some of the footage up to 'real time'.

I just assumed that running the footage at 400% speed would increase its speed to the equivalent of 25 fps (100 ÷ 4 = 25) or (25 x 400% = 100).

I'm lost. Speeding the 100 fps footage up by 400% makes it too fast.

Can anyone help?

Thank you,
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