FS5 Green Screen Shoot Suggestions

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FS5 Green Screen Shoot Suggestions

Post by madmorrison » July 19th, 2016, 11:31 pm

HI All,

Wondering if anyone has had experience shooting green screen with this camera and if they wish to share what worked for them?

Was thinking about things like

- What PP did you use?
- Did you shoot SLOG or use a CineGamma or maybe even just a REC709 profile.
- People talk about increasing shutter to avoid a issue with the key and quick motion. I am shooting at 25p and normally have the shutter set at 50.
- Wanted to shoot 4k to allow flexibility on scaling but product will be delivered in 1080p. Would it be better to just shoot in HD?
- I am using a Atomos Ninja Flame (no RAW out upgrade) simply for the CODEC support and monitor function

Thanks to everyone that can help out:)

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