PMW-300 Questions

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PMW-300 Questions

Post by Arbelrom » November 6th, 2013, 11:55 am

Hello All.
My first post here :D
I'm about to sell my 4 year old EX-3 and purchase a new PMW-300K1
I have a few questions regarding the new model:

1. The XVAC upgrade that is planned for 2014 - what will it bring?
Obviously the camera can't record 4K, so will it be a higher bitrate? maybe 4:4:4? any info on that?
2. This question is directly linked to the first one - if the upgrade won't bring 4:4:4 recording in-camera -
I am considering on buying an external monitor/recorder - the Convergent Design Odyssey7Q.
In order to record 4:4:4 these recorders require 3G-SDI signal from the camera. Will the PMW-300 have this output option?
3. In case this will not be an option (I will not need a recorder to record 4:2:2 since the camera does that) -
Any recommendations for a good field monitor? I am considering a 7" BON or TV Logic.

Many questions... :roll:
Any help is greatly appreciated...

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Re: PMW-300 Questions

Post by alisterchapman » November 15th, 2013, 12:25 pm

It's still unknown exactly what the XAVC update will bring. Almost certainly 10 bit 2:2:2 at 100Mb/s at 24/25/30 fps. Possibly 50/60p but this is uncertain. It almost certainly won't bring 444, but then on a camera like this 444 is a bit pointless anyway, too much noise to really make any difference, but the 10 bit internal upgrade will be nice.

I have a TVLogic 056w and it's a great little monitor.
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