F5 connector protector

PMW-F5 & F55 Viewfinder connector protector.


5 thoughts on “F5 connector protector”

  1. Hello, you can buy a PMW-F5 & F55 Viewfinder connector protector? How much shipped to Italy? I await a response. Thank you and good job

  2. Looks great, any available?

    Also noticed the zoom rocker…let me know if/when this is available… looks brilliant!

    my f5 arrives in a couple of weeks, very excited!

    Many Thanks

  3. Hey Allister,

    You stil have this connector protector in plastic for The F5?
    I put on The big screws The vocas handgrip withouten The vocas cheeseplate.
    The reason is to gain weight and to make The cam smaller and lichter for particular purpose.
    The vocas handgrip is very Good in combi witte The upper Roda And mic connector from vocas i combine with a mic holder from a OLd Sony pd150???? workshop Well. But i need a connector protector. Will hours fit with The above combi? Or did i alreay use The big screw for The vocas handgrip wich u see’ to use to fix your plastic protector?
    Is it stil available and so where can i order, how long is schippert to Belgium?
    Production starts At The end of this month.
    Cheers and tanx

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