Frame Grab From F65 (4K Jpeg) Click on the Picture to see full size.


5 thoughts on “F65-sample1”

  1. ..awful clipping aside…this is the most sharp and “unreal” grab I’ve ever seen.. fantastic…!!! @ what iso was taken? cheers

    1. There is nothing to stop you from softening the image. There is no electronic sharpening, the detail is real, so you can choose how sharp or soft you would like the image to be in post. The clipping is the result of having an image with a 14 stop range and squeezing it into an 8 bit jpeg for display on an average LCD screen with at most an 8 stop display range. If you download the DPX file you will find that there is no clipping.

      It’s 800 ISO, the F65 can only shoot at it’s native sensitivity of 800 ISO.

      I think people are completely missing the point with the F65. If you start by capturing a pristine, very high resolution image you can then extract from that in post whatever kind of image you desire.

  2. My comment was a positive one..not a remark or something..I work with raw files everyday in my photo workflow,I like having many stops of DR to play with and even a detailed image which you can shape as you like, so I’m just pleased to see this fantastic result from a digital camera like the F65..understand the the DR issue in 8bit jpg..cant wait to see some real footage (not too much compressed) of this camera 😀 thanks !

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