Sony PMW-F5 with Alphatron EVF and TV Logic monitor.

2 thoughts on “SONY DSC”

  1. Can you give more information on the rubber eyecup with the shutter you mentioned? I assume this is for the Alphatron, if I read it correctly. BandPro has not heard of such an item. The Alphatron rubber eyecup, even with the chamois, is horribly uncomfortable and seems designed to point your head in a different direction than their finder. The manual shutter is stiff and a pain to explain to everyone who looks through the camera, like clients, who are unaware of the burn in sesnsitivity. I tried one of the factory modified Alphatrons, which are supposed to have addressed the burn in problem, but I couldn’t get the diopter to focus. It’s back being looked at to see if it is my eyes or the design.

    1. Band Pro definitely sell the sun burn protector to fit on Sony viewfinders, whether it can be used on the Alphatron I’m not sure. The diopter range of the new Alphatron optics is a little less than the original design. As well as the revised optics there is also a new IR/UV filter on the screen which also helps protect from sun damage if you use the original diopter lens.

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