Correctly exposed S-Log2 from A7s.

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  1. How can you shoot video at 1/6400 shutter speed? Shouldn’t the SS be at twice the frame rate? i.e. 1/ 50 at 24fps – The shutter speed will effect the exposure- yes?

    Not sure I understand this


    1. You can use any shutter speed you wish. The norm is to use double the frame rate in order to mimic the old rotary 180 degree shutter on a film camera, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Below 1/48th you tend to have excessive motion blur. Above 1/100th strobing in fast motion may become an issue (although this was used to great effect in the film Saving Private Ryan).

      In this instance what mattered was getting the correct exposure and the easiest way to do it was via a fast shutter. I could have added a ton of ND as an alternative, but you should never stop down beyond f16 as you will get image softening due to diffraction.

  2. When you say correctly, is this 2 stops over or per Sony’s requirement.
    Also, I plan on getting an external monitor with a waive form graph. What would be the best way to expose 2 stops over by using waive forms i.e. at which IRE levels should I keep my shadows or should I concentrate on highlights? For example a sunny day scenario.

  3. This is as per Sony’s base levels – ie middle grey at 32%.

    You need to decide for yourself which is more important – expose brightly for better shadows and mid range or expose at the base levels to preserve a few highlights but have a noisier image. With S-Log2 1 stop is 11% so to shoot at +2 stops a white card will around 80% a grey card 52%.

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