Alister’s Free LUTs

On this page you will find details of some of the S-Log3 LUT’s that I offer as a free download. I do not charge anything for these LUT’s and it is completely OK for you to just download them and use them. But please don’t just share them with everyone and anyone, instead send them here to get the LUT for themselves. Also, it is expressly forbidden to host them on other websites. If you are looking for S-Log2 LUT’s have a look here:

The LUTs on this page are all designed for use with S-Log3 and SGamut3.cine, so they can be used on any Sony camera that supports this Gamut from the FS5 to Sony Venice.

Creating a LUT does take time and effort. So if you do use the LUTs and especially if you make money out of the productions you use the LUTs on it would be greatly appreciated if you brought me a coffee or a beer. If you would like to do that then please select from one of the options below. All drinks are greatly appreciated!


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On to the LUT’s themselves. For each LUT I will provide a couple of sample images, but to start here are the sample images with Sony’s now default s709 LUT.

s709_1.6.1-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs
Sony’s s709 LUT applied to S-Log3 material




Arri Look LUT’s

Arri-Look-V2_1.6.15-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs
Alister’s Arri-Look-V2 LUT

Based on the look you get from an Arri camera with Arri’s default 709 LUT. Overall it is actually similar to Sony’s s709 but a bit less yellow/green. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

CHESS – Inspired by “Queens Gambit”

chess_1.6.2-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs
Chess LUT inspired by the series “The Queens Gambit”

This is a much more stylised look with a bias toward blue/teal. Quite a dark look with low saturation. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. And click here to go to the information page:


neptune_1.6.16-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs
Neptune LUT, similar contrast to Arri but with more teal/steel blue.

This LUT has a similar contrast range to the Arri look but has a teal/steel blue overall bias, muted red and green primaries but added warm/orange tones. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NEPTUNE LUT.


ELIXIR: A rich and sumptuous LUT for drama and short films.

Elixir-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs

The Elixir LUT provides great looking skin tones and rich warm tones. Blues are shifted very slightly towards teal. Medium to high contrast with a smooth and gentle highlight roll off, aimed at drama, short films where a slightly stylised look is wanted without the look being distracting. Two LUT’s are included a 33x for use in camera and a 65x for high quality grading. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE ELIXIR LUT SET

300x250_xdcam_150dpi Alister's Free LUTs

SOLITUDE: A cooler, slightly blue look for drama and short films.

Solitude-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs

Solitude is closely related to Elixir but provides soft blue tones giving a cool or metalic overall look. Skin tones are very slightly cool but look natural and don’t appear excessively coloured. Might be suitable for a gritty drama or anything needing a more bleak look than Elixir. Two LUTs are provided, a very high quality 65x LUT for use in post production and a smaller 33x LUT for in camera use. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE Solitude LUT.

INCANDESCENT: A film style look, related to Elixir, but with a pleasing warm feel.

Incandescent Alister's Free LUTs

Incandescent is from the same family of S-Log3 LUTs as Elixir and solitude, so these LUT’s can be used together when a film style look is required. Incandescent is provides a contrasty warm look perhaps suitable for more romantic or feel good scenes or productions. Two LUTs are provided, a very high quality 65x LUT for use in post production and a smaller 33x LUT for in camera use. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the AC-Incandescent LUT.

KODAKISH Inspired by Kodak film.

Kodakish_1.6.5-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs
Kodakish LUT applied to S-Log3 images

This LUT is based on the look often seen when using Kodak Vision 3 film stock. It’s quite a strong look, you might want to consider a slight reduction in the saturation depending on how strong a look you want. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE KODAKISH LUT.



Fujish_1.6.4-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs

Another LUT inspired by a film stock, this time it’s Fujifilm classic cine stock. This has a blue steel look. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FUJISH LUT.


Film-V1A_1.6.6-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs
Alisters Film Look V1 LUT for Slog3.

This was one of my first film look LUTs. Originally designed for both S-Log3 and S-Log2 it sits somewhere between a classic Kodak film stock and Fuji stock. It has some similarities to the classic Arri look. If you want something quite film like but not a teal and orange look, this might be worth considering. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE AC FILM LOOK LUS FOR S-LOG3


reversal_1.6.3-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs
Alister’s Reversal LUT designed to mimic film reversal or positive print film.

Designed to mimic the way reversal film or slide film looks. Very contrasty, punchy colours, especially reds and warm tones. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE AC REVERSAL LUT FOR S-LOG3.

REMEMBER -These are free, but if you like them and use them please buy me a coffee – more coffee = more free LUTs.



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Rich-Edwardian_1.6.9-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs
Alister’s Rich Edwardian LUT, designed for a classic period drama look.

This  LUT is suitable for a classic or period drama type look as well as many other applications. It has a slight blue tint with slightly muted but neutral skin tones. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Rich-Edwardian For S-Log3



Venice-Look_1.6.17-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs
Alisters Venice Look LUT

This LUT was designed to emulate the way a Sony Venice camera looks as closely as possible. It is very, very similar to Sony’s own s709 LUT but with a few small tweaks here and there. Included in the download are 3 slightly different versions of the LUT, 2 of which have slightly reduced green levels. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Alisters Venice Look LUTs


AC-Mono1_1.6.13-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs
Alister Mono 1 LUT

A basic black and white LUT with medium contrast. Mainly meant to allow in camera monitoring of how a black and white version of your video may look. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE AC-Mono1-S-Log3 LUT


AC-Noir1_1.6.14-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs
Alister’s film noir type look LUT.

This black and white LUT has deeper blacks than my mono LUT. It’s designed to give the impression of a Film Noir look. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ALISTERS AC-Noir1_S-Log3 LUT


hypergamma_1.6.18-600x338 Alister's Free LUTs
Alister’s Hypergamma LUTs to match the hypergammas on many Sony cameras

This is a set of LUTs that you can use to bake in the look of sony’s Hypergamma gamma curves when using a camera that doesn’t have hypergamas. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ALISTERS Hypergamma LUTs


S-Log3/SGamt3.cine Offset LUTs.

This set of LUTs for S-Log3 and SGamut3.cine can be used PRIOR to the addition of any other LUT’s to offset or correct exposure. For example, if you shoot at 200 EI, you exposure will be 2 stops brighter than most LUTs expect. By applying the -2p00 version of this LUT the brightness of your footage will be correctly reduced by 2 stops so that when you then apply a normal LUT the final output will have the correct brightness and expected look. These are 65x LUT’s so cannot be used in most cameras but will offer the best possible image quality in post production. CLICK HERE to download the set of S-Log3-Offset correction LUTs.

460x150_xdcam_150dpi Alister's Free LUTs