I’m Back…. well a little bit

Hello and welcome back!

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As you may be aware this domain and most of my other web sites have been unavailable for some time. This was caused by the total failure of the server my domains resided on. This resulted in the loss of all my data, including my backups. The hosting company was supposed to have been backing up my domains as part of the hosting package, however they had moved my sites to a special server for large domains and I was not aware of this. As a result no backups were kept by the hosting company, again something I was unaware of. I even had a mirror of this domain for safety, but that was lost as well.

Anyway.. long story short.. I’ve lost 3 years of hard work. The moral of this sorry tale is don’t take your web hosts claims of “free backups” for granted. Do your own backups and keep them safe.

Over the next few weeks I will try to salvage what I can from this mess. Even this is taking time as the hosting company has left my domains in such a mess that un-picking them is proving difficult and I seem to be spending more time on the support line than anything else.

Thanks for your support. I hope to get all the key information that used to be on the site back online some time in the future.

This will mean a new layout to the site with feature pages and documentation, which I hope will make it easier to find the things you are looking for. If there are any particular articles that you would like me to try to find or re-write please please post a comment on my blog and I’ll try and find it!

If you were a forum member, you will have to re-register. Please, please post away in the forum. Lets get things back up to speed.

6 thoughts on “I’m Back…. well a little bit”

  1. Really sorry to hear about that Alister. If you’re looking for a new domain host I can heartily recommend 123connect.co.uk. Small company and good old fashioned service from Jeff – has never failed to respond to a request or issue.

    God luck rebuilding your site…

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