PMW F3 Picture Profile Smorgasbord.

I’ve been working some more on picture profiles for the PMW-F3, mainly matrix settings. You can download the full set by clicking here: ac-profiles. Download the zip file, unzip and place the “Sony” folder in the root of an SxS card or SD card in an adapter. Place the card in the camera and go into the “picture profiles” menu and select a picture profile and then “ppdata” and “recall” to load the data into your camera. This will overwrite any PP’s you already have.

Here’s the latest settings I have:

ALL use Detail level -17, Frequency +20, Aperture +25 unless otherwise stated.

AC Warm1: Warm look, less blue/yellow

Cinegamma 1, Black Gamma -25, Black Level -2.

Matrix: Standard, level +8, R-G +14, R-B +12, G-R +4, G-B +8, B-R +4, B-G -18

AC Cool1: Stark cool look, maybe day for night.

Cinegamma 1, Black Gamma -25, Black Level -2.

Matrix: Standard, level +22, R-G -44, R-B -24, G-R -34, G-B =28, B-R -7, B-G -69

AC Elec1:  Electronic, vivid look.

Gamma STD1, Black Gamma -20, black level -3, Detail Level -10, Frequency -40

Matrix Hi-Sat,

300x250_xdcam_150dpi PMW F3 Picture Profile Smorgasbord.

NAT1CG-1: Neutral Look, natural colors, less yellow/green.

Cinegamma 1, Black Level -2

Matrix FL-Light, Level +3, R-G +2, R-B +2, G-R +8, G-B +8, B-R -8, B-G -6

Note that for most of these I have used a cinegamma, that is because I would assume that post work will be done on the footage. If your not planning on doing any grading or post work you should consider using a standard gamma which will give a richer looking image or cinegamma 2 which is broadcast safe.

21 thoughts on “PMW F3 Picture Profile Smorgasbord.”

  1. I upload your settings, and I found in your card a new firmware. I didn’t upgrade yet because I don’t find any information in the web about this 1.x.
    So do you know what is it ?

    Thank you.

    1. Sorry. I forgot the PP storage system had changed over the EX1. I’ve re-uploaded the file, if you follow the revised instructions in the post you should be fine. There is no firmware in the file, jst my preferred camera settings.

  2. Hi Alister

    Sorry this question is not regrading the F3 PP settings but I hope you can help.
    I have greatly benefited from your picture profile knowledge you’ve posted on DVINFO and I’m looking for a quick answer to a PP question. I have to do a 2 camera shoot tomorrow and I want to know if I import my PP setting from my EX1 to a EX1R will they match more or less?

    I’m assuming if I start with my white balance – colour temperatures matching I will be most of my way toward getting a good match.

    Lloyd Ubshura (from dvinfo – copied below) found in his case there was a large difference between the 2 cameras (EX1 & EX1R), but his case may be due to white balance differences.

    Have you found the same thing or do you have any thoughts on how close I should be able to get the 2 cameras to match?



    (February 4th, 2011, 10:37 AM)

    1. They will be very close. You will have to manually enter the settings as you can’t save EX1 settings and then import those into an EX1R. I often use an EX1R and EX3 side by side and they are near identical, same with EX1 and EX1R.

  3. Hey Alister,

    great advise, thank you! When I import these settings into my F3, however, only one of my profiles is updated. I believe it’s called Can02 or something similar. None of the above profiles show up. Am I just doing something wrong?



    1. Yes this is a peculiarity of the way the PP’s are saved. If you go to the menu “other” “camera data” and load the camera data file from the card it will import all the PP’s, but this also overwrites any other camera user settings such as asignable buttons.

  4. Never mind. Figured it out. Instead of recall from within the “picture profile” menu you have to recall from the “camera settings” menu get import all profiles. However, this also overrides all other camera settings. Going to play around with your profiles this week.

  5. Alister, may I ask your suggestions for a different recipe for getting the most flattering skin texture based on colour correction in post? And yet another one for shooting a tree with gentle fluttering leaves? Would you dial back the detail for the tree as much as for skin texture?

    1. I would turn detail off altogether for close ups of faces, this will give the most flattering look. For a tree you can afford to have a little bit of detail, perhaps having the detail at -15.

      1. Hi Alister, i am using your profiles and trying to get two new setups: Landscape and City night. Would you use the NAT1CG for landscapes? Maybe a higher black level to show darker areas? Would you use the same for city night shots? Regards.

        1. Yes, I would use NAT1CG for Landscapes and maybe cityscapes. At night I would bring the black Gamma up to zero.

  6. Hello Alisterchapman,
    Have you heard about those SxS card that can record HDCAM SR ? Do i still have to buy the CKRGB 01 upgrade if i want to record onto those ?

  7. Hey Alister. is there any way to take these picture profiles and use them on a pmw 350?

    I really like the look of the f3 over the 350, and while i realize that it is a different sensor.

    It still seems as though i could come fairly close to matching the 350 to the f3 simply through the use of a picture profile

    1. You can take the PP settings and manually enter them into the 350. You will get similar results, but it won’t make it into an F3.

  8. Hi Alister, I read a post that you put up on DVinfo saying you were tweaking another f3 profile that dramatically reduces saturation banding in highlights and gives smooth highlight handling. Are you close to sharing this recipe? These things are big issues with me and I’d love get my camera looking better in the highlights. Thank you. Great work !

  9. Any tips or suggestions on matching a FS-100 to an F3 for a two camera shoot.
    Ideally I would like to minimize color correction in post….
    Really enjoy reading your blog!

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